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34 Years of Research Innovations in Forest Biotechnology

Founded in 1988, the Forest Biotech Group (FBG) is dedicated to research innovations in forest biotechnology and molecular genetics of tree metabolism to improve growth, development, and defense against biotic and abiotic stresses. The FBG is based in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources at North Carolina State University, and continues to provide advanced innovations in forest and wood biotechnology.


Research Philosophy

Superior Forestry

Forest trees are essential to the ecosystem and constitute a major renewable resource for the bio-economy. Innovations in forest and wood biotechnology could lead to improved resilience to invasive pests and pathogens, re-forestation of marginal land, adaptation to climate change, and sustainable production of bioenergy and biomaterials.


Our research goal is the domestication of forest trees for conservation and productivity, through a systems-level understanding of tree metabolism and advanced molecular genetics. The molecular and genetic processes that regulate wood formation and tree defense are sufficiently complex to preclude the prediction of genetic modification or genomic breeding, without an integrative systems-level analysis. Therefore, a major focus of our research is an integrative systems approach to understand how tree growth and development is influenced by the forest’s abiotic and biotic components.

Selected Recent Publications

Transcriptional reprogramming of xylem cell wall biosynthesis in tension wood


Plant Physiology


About Us: News
Latest News

FBG on iBiology
"Future of Forests"

Short File Series


September 2021


FBG research on tension wood featured by Plant Physiology on News and Views

Plant Physiology

April 2021


FBG highlighted on WRAL Innovation Road Trip - CRISPR

@ NC State

Raleigh, NC

March 2021


FBG students, Daniel and Barbara, presented their research as concurrent speaker and posters at the 2020 Plant Biology Worldwide Summit

July 2020


Celebrating groundbreaking

at the NCSU Plant Sciences


Raleigh, NC

September 2019


FBG co-organized

the IUFRO 2019 Tree Biotechnology Meeting

Raleigh, NC

June 2019

March 2019_V2.jpg

FBG research on

hierarchical TRN in wood formation made Cover Story on The Plant Cell

April 2019


Transcription factor network gets to heart of wood formation


FBG research highlighted on Science Daily

March 2019

HaoChen-1030x467 (1).jpg

FBG alumni Dr. Hao Chen recognized by Plant Cell Author Profiles for research on wood formation TRN

February 2019


FBG co-organized the International Symposium on Forest Tree Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

June 2018

Harbin, China


FBG research on lignin made

Top Story on SCIENCE 360

National Science Foundation's

Research Digest

May 2018


FBG faculty Prof. Jack Wang received Third Place Award at the Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium for Young Researchers

November 2017

Stockholm, Sweden


FBG founder Prof. Ron Sederoff awarded 2017 Marcus Wallenberg Prize from King of Sweden

November 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

Contact Us

Forest Biotech Group

Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

College of Natural Resources

North Carolina State University

2500 Partners II Bldg

840 Main Campus Dr

Raleigh, NC 27518-7247


+1 919-515-9608

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